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To ensure that we have a generation of educated Zambian youth, our mentorship division  mentors high school students in readiness for college. We identify top achieving students with exceptional extracurricular activities and leadership qualities from various schools around Zambia and prepare them for the college application process. This program increases the chances of entrance into top universities and ensures that students have applications that stand out in a competitive poll.

Catered to your needs our College Mentorship Program provides services necessary for your success in the college application process

Complete Admission Package

We mentor you through the entire college admissions process from picking the right schools for you, applying to them and helping you resolve the outcome of your decisions. This Package includes:

Application Review

Upon completion of your application, we will have an expert consultant examine your work and give you extensive feedback. This includes a full review of all written Common App components and Essays to ensure that your application is top tier.  

All rounded Essay Crafting and editing

We help put your ideas into words by guiding you as you craft the perfect essay from start to finish. We have a one on one session with you to discuss possible topics and coach you through the process. This service is ideal for Common App essays for your dream school to ensure that you stand out.

Grade 10 to 12 Long term Mentorship Package

From the onset of your senior secondary education, we will have our team guiding you through the choices you make on your courses, extracurriculars and leadership positions. This package includes:

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