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Abana Afrika is a youth-led non-profit organisation operating in Zambia that works to empower Zambian youth from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Our mission is to educate, empower and mentor the next generation of purpose-driven Zambian youth who are equipped with skills and knowledge to create positive change in their personal lives and communities. We aim to achieve our mission by providing College Mentorship, Personal Development and Entrepreneurial Leadership training. By 2040, we hope to build a community of over 10000 young Zambians who are self-driven leaders, entrepreneurial and equipped with the necessary skills and tools to lead positive change in our country Zambia. 

Our programs


To ensure that we have a generation of educated Zambian youth, our mentorship program mentors high school students in readiness for college. We identify top achieving students with exceptional extracurricular activities and leadership qualities from various schools around Zambia and prepare them for the college application process. This program increases the chances of entrance into top universities and ensures that students have applications that stand out in a competitive pool.


Our Entrepreneurial Leadership program seeks to empower young people with ethical entrepreneurial leadership skills by providing programs that focus on entrepreneurship and leadership.We facilitate workshops, masterclasses and one on one sessions to share tools and tips that young Zambias can leverage to start their own entrepreneurial journeys.


Through a holistic approach to youth empowerment, our personal development program offers all rounded character development programs on self awareness, professional or career development and mentorship, mental health awareness and sexual reproductive health rights education and advocacy.

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“Leadership begins from within”

Hello and welcome to the Abana Afrika community.

Thank you so much for visiting our website, my name is Lughano, Founder and CEO of the Abana Afrika Foundation. I believe you are here because we share something in common which is our passion for the empowerment of young people. I have always believed that the power to transform the Afrikan continent and world at large lies within the hands of young people and that is why as a community, the development of youth is our mission. I hope you will walk with me and my team as we do our part in transforming the African continent by empowering Zambian youth.

Thankyou!  Zikomo! Naonga!

Bupe Lughano Kabaghe

About Us

Abana Afrika is a youth-led non-profit organisation operating in Zambia. The organisation aims to provide youth from low socioeconomic backgrounds aged 13 to 25 years with mentorship, professional development and Entrepreneurial Leadership training to build a generation of empowered Zambian youth.